Kids READ! has entered into a working partnership with Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Kids READ partner

Kids READ! has entered into a working partnership with Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine, California to provide books for ongoing programs.  The first program is “Books for Babes” as part of the Baby Steps program held once a month for approximately 50 to 60 infants from birth to 18 months of age and their Moms.  Kids READ! will provide books for all of the children with half of them available in Spanish/English, Chinese/English, and Vietnamese/English. The Baby Steps program is under the direction of Carly Snyder.  

Also under Ms. Snyder’s direction is an outreach program with Orangewood Foundation, Moms OC, and Hope Family Foster Agency .  Each group of twenty families will attend a once-a-Month experience at Pretend City with each child receiving a book of their choice.

Pretend City Children’s Museum is designed for children to learn how the world works while engaging their curiosities and imaginations. The Museum is a child-size interconnected city that balances rich educational learning experiences with boundless fun, and where children can try on real-world roles and let their creativity rule.

For more information about these programs, contact:

Carly Snyder | Education Manager | 


Space books for kids

The National Space Society has announced the next three recipients from its space STEM education program. The grants, which are derived from a grant from the Club for the Future, Blue Origin’s space education nonprofit, are being allocated to deserving space STEM education projects identified and vetted by the NSS.

The first of three new grants will go to Kids Read!, a nonprofit dedicated to providing STEM books to children in need. These funds will be used to purchase and distribute space-related books, as identified on a list curated by the NSS, to underserved elementary school children attending Title I schools. The CEO of Kids Read! is Barry Ackerman, co-founder of the Orange County Children’s Book Festival. To date, they have served over 157,000 children around the world.

Kids READ has announced partnerships with the World Federation of Youth Clubs and Kiwanis International clubs prior to receiving this STEM-focused grant.

Blue Origin NSS postcard

Each book will come with a postcard from Blue Origin which can be mailed to the company and then on a future mission to space. The card will then be returned to the child who sent it as a keepsake.



Kids READ! announces Delivery Day at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital staff and Kids READ!

Kids READ! and Fountain Valley Regional Hospital have a announced a new program where new moms are given a free book donated by Kids READ to take home  with them to read to their newborn. 

FVRH staff Kids READ!

Hospital staff and administrators were thrilled to be the first hospital to receive books from Kids READ!

Keep an eye on this space as a detailed press release and story is forthcoming in the next few weeks.


Kids READ! and World Federation of Youth Clubs Announce Partnership

Kids READ! and the World Federation of Youth Clubs (WFYC) has announced a partnership. Kids READ! has been selected as a Collaborator for Good by the WFYC. The group’s tagline says it all: “Advancing and Enhancing Youth Development Organizations Around the World.”

The collaboration, arranged by WFYC’s Mission Advancement Advisor, Tim Richardson and Kids READ! Founder Barry Ackerman, will ultimately make books available at no cost to as many of the over 3,000 WFYC affiliates as are interested. These organizations are located in 37 countries worldwide.

Barry Ackerman and Tim Richardson

Richardson is a former executive at Boys and Girls Clubs of America which makes him a great fit at the World Federation of Youth Clubs as they start and serve similar youth organizations domestically and internationally.

Ackerman founded and led the Orange County Children’s Book Festival for 16 years during which time he assumed leadership at Kids READ! from a service project a young student organized in advance of the Book Festival over ten years ago.

Ultimately, the Collaboration for Good Kids partnership will get new books into the hands of under-resourced youth around the world. Since 2010,READ! has donated over 154,000 books to children in need.

KIds READ! Mission Statement: To put books into the hands of as many children in need as possible, and thereby increase literacy.

World Federation of Youth Clubs Mission Statement: To develop, advance, and enhance global youth organizations that provide a positive environment and a safe place for young people around the world.

To learn more about Kids READ! visit their website. To donate to Kids READ! or to learn more about how to sponsor a school, click this link.

You can find more information about the World Federation of Youth Clubs here.

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